NOTE: Based on Samsung Galaxy S7. it should be same for all android phones.

Adding pauses and waits to contact numbers

A pause will stop the calling sequence for two seconds and then send any additional tones. A wait will cause the dialing process to stop and wait for you to enter a number or touch a key on the dial screen before it sends any additional tones.

  1. To add a pause or a wait to a contact open the contact you want to add the information to and then touch Edit.
  2. Touch the phone number you want to add the pause or wait to and then adjust the position of the cursor.
  3. Touch the Sym key when using the Samsung keyboard. If you have activated the Swype keyboard touch the * # ( key.
  4. Touch Pause(,) to add a two-second pause or touch Wait(;) to add a wait and use the keypad to enter the additional numbers. A pause will be displayed as a comma (,) and a wait will be displayed as a semicolon (;).
    Note: If more than a two-second pause is required add multiple pauses as necessary.